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Biden Backs Suspending Patents on Covid Vaccines New! 2021-05-06 05:14:21The Biden administration, siding with some world leaders over the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, came out in favor of waiving intellectual property pro

Federal Judge Strikes Down Eviction Moratorium New! 2021-05-06 05:05:41The Biden administration will appeal the ruling against the policy, which has been the subject of legal challenges by landlords.

Could ‘Young Rock’ Be Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Apprentice’? New! 2021-05-06 05:00:15A wrestler’s job is to sell an absurd fiction, and make it reality — maybe it’s not so different from politics.

What Is the Facebook Oversight Board? New! 2021-05-06 04:53:10The panel of about 20 people, including academics and political leaders, upheld the company’s ban of former President Donald J. Trump.

Facebook Ban Hits Trump Where It Hurts: Messaging New! 2021-05-06 04:51:31Facebook has increasingly become one of the most vital weapons in a political campaign’s arsenal, and few had tapped into its potential for adve

Trump Ban From Facebook Upheld by Oversight Board New! 2021-05-06 04:51:01A company-appointed panel ruled that the ban was justified at the time but added that the company should reassess its action and make a final decision

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken Visiting Ukraine New! 2021-05-06 04:48:54The secretary of state will reassure Kyiv of backing against Russian hostilities, but call for more determined efforts to clean up the political syste

Facebook Oversight Board Tells Zuckerberg He's the Decider New! 2021-05-06 03:00:10The company tried to punt its Trump dilemma to a panel of experts. On Wednesday, the experts punted back.

Restaurants and Bars Rush to Apply for New New! 2021-05-05 23:32:12The industry’s return will serve as a major test of President Biden’s goal of bringing the country back to some version of normal by this

In Turning on Liz Cheney, G.O.P. Bows to New! 2021-05-05 22:11:39House Republicans were lobbying to replace Representative Liz Cheney, who has vocally called out Donald J. Trump’s lies, with Representative Eli

Biden Defends Plans to Tax the Rich New! 2021-05-05 21:54:02“We’re not going to deprive any of these executives of their second or third home, travel privately by jet,” the president said at t

Federal Program to Aid Restaurants Is Flooded With New! 2021-05-05 20:13:10Congress created the Restaurant Revitalization Fund as part of the $1.9 trillion relief bill passed in March. Business owners hit hard by the pandemic

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Respect: Is it the glue a polarized nation 2021-05-05 17:07:00Respect is a core civic value to American democracy, but it can also be used as a tool of repression. How can it knit together a fractured nation?

GOP continues to tighten voting laws despite corporate 2021-05-05 12:03:35Republican lawmakers are moving ahead to tighten voting laws, making mail-in voting harder in several GOP-led states. Rebukes and statements from majo

A debate over ending debate: Explaining the filibuster 2021-05-04 16:58:26With the Senate increasingly closely divided, frustration over the filibuster has grown. Is it an obstacle to progress or key to democracy?

World’s bankers take climate pledge. Will they follow 2021-04-30 17:40:00The world needs an extra $1.6 trillion to $3.8 trillion per year to adapt and respond to climate change – making private sector money vital.

In Minnesota, strong civic duty helps retain Congress 2021-04-30 11:19:23One state’s long history of civic engagement paid off in the 2020 census, helping it keep all of its congressional seats. Minnesotans, who had t

Biden’s first 100 days: Promises kept, but challenges 2021-04-29 16:59:09President Biden has followed through on many campaign promises – particularly on the pandemic. But he’s gotten relatively few bills throug

Meet the gun owners who support (some) gun 2021-04-29 12:19:00Could rise of suburban gun owner lead to compromise for gun safety?

In speech, Biden leans into spending, democracy, and 2021-04-29 12:18:48In his address to Congress, U.S. President Joe Biden stressed the nation’s ongoing emergence from COVID-19 as proof that American democracy stil

No, Joe Biden will not take away your 2021-04-29 11:47:35“Why doesn’t Joe stay out of my kitchen?” asked Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado. For a week, conservative media outlets spread the

Biden redefined ‘bipartisan.’ GOP moderates say it leaves 2021-04-28 16:28:00Can a bill be bipartisan if it passes with only Democratic votes? White House says yes, if it includes GOP ideas and Republican voters support it. GOP

Why the GOP chose Tim Scott to respond 2021-04-28 12:44:25Tim Scott is a Republican senator. He’s also Black and willing to talk about race – something national GOP leadership often downplays. Wil

Kamala Harris' first 100 days: A supportive second-in-command 2021-04-28 12:41:18Vice President Kamala Harris used to be one of President Joe Biden’s rivals. Now, as she tackles some of the new administration’s toughest

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Joe Biden and Catholic Church at loggerheads 2021-04-29 18:15:48While President Biden's inauguration was initially hailed by the Vatican for being that of the second Catholic president of the United States, the Ca

Taking control of the levers of Chinese online 2021-04-29 18:15:48The Chinese nationalist government has undertaken a vast operation to take over its online business. It has no intention of allowing private companies

The fight against criminal computer attacks 2021-04-29 18:15:48When dealing with computer attacks, the media only report on individual cases, overlooking the overall battlefield. They intermix criminal operations

To undermine Trump, did John Kerry betray his 2021-04-29 18:15:48The question was on everyone's lips in Congress on 27 April 2021: in order to weaken President Trump and maintain good relations with Iran, did John

Is Turkey in Pentagon's crosshairs again? 2021-04-29 18:15:48On 26 April 2021, Turkish law enforcement officers arrested 532 people accused of having ties to Fetullah Gülen's organization. This former ally

The Middle East is reorganizing, by Thierry Meyssan 2021-04-29 18:15:48The Middle Eastern states, divided not by themselves but by the powers that colonised the region, are reorganising themselves according to their own l

Chad: France's allies reportedly killed each other 2021-04-29 18:15:48According to the official version, Marshal Idriss Deby Itno was assassinated on 20 April 2021, the day after winning his sixth term as President of Ch

Pentagon attributes “Havana syndrome” to new weapon 2021-04-29 18:15:48Members of the House Armed Service Committee were encouraged to attend a closed-door hearing to be briefed on a new threat. Defense Under-Secretaries

Turkish reaction to US recognition of the Armenian 2021-04-29 18:15:48We reject and denounce in the strongest terms the statement of the President of the US regarding the events of 1915 made under the pressure of radical

In Venezuela, the corrupt are not who the 2021-04-29 18:15:48In 2017, then Attorney General of Venezuela Luisa Ortega Díaz denounced the convening of a National Constituent Assembly, accusing President Ni

Top twelve donors of US politics 2021-04-22 18:12:13Twelve US donors gave $ 3.4 billion in political contributions since 2009, according to Issue One - meaning they paid one-thirteenth of the total mone

Biden Administration funds teaching of “1619 Project” 2021-04-22 18:12:13Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (photo) has just instituted scholarships to reward the teaching of the “1619 Project” in schools. The &

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Sean Hannity Goes Full Nihilist Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's New! 2021-05-06 06:10:40The Fox News personality suggested a very selfish alternative to the New York Democrat's proposed Green New Deal.

Emails Show Famed Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Intervening In New! 2021-05-06 05:45:02Messages show the former prosecutor helping well-connected New Yorkers navigate her old sex crimes unit.

Howard Stern Offers Some Blunt Advice For Dwayne New! 2021-05-06 05:06:29The radio host told the possible future politicians what "they don't understand" about running for office.

Tucker Carlson's 'Sickening' Vaccine Question Turned Right Back New! 2021-05-06 05:02:57The Fox News host was called out for spreading "unbelievably dishonest" misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.

GOP's 'Degrading Displays Of Affection' For Trump On New! 2021-05-06 04:16:42"The ReidOut" supercut lays bare the “lovefest” between the “Republican castrati” and “their beautiful leader."

Fox News Hosts Praise Firing Squads: Now You New! 2021-05-06 03:21:56Pete Hegseth and Will Cain said execution by firing squad was "more honest" than just going "to sleep" from a lethal injection.

'Furious' Meghan McCain's Brutal Nickname For Trump Lights New! 2021-05-06 02:59:18The cohost of "The View" also blasted the GOP's "sausagefest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill."

Liz Cheney Says ‘History Is Watching’ As GOP New! 2021-05-05 23:15:24The Republican said the GOP's ongoing embrace of former President Donald Trump "will do profound long-term damage to our party and our country.&rdqu

Caitlyn Jenner, California Gubernatorial Candidate, Says She's 'All New! 2021-05-05 22:33:26The former Olympic champion told Fox News that she would "secure" the border wall and "do my absolute best" to eliminate California's sanctuary p

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Ted Cruz's 'Great Dinner' With New! 2021-05-05 22:04:19"Nothing like reminiscing about attempted coups over a bouquet of flowers."

Texas Republican Slams GOP For Hating 'A Good New! 2021-05-05 20:04:43"I don't know what we stand for. We stand for owning the libs," former congressional candidate Michael Wood told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.

San Francisco To Redirect $3.75 Million From Law 2021-05-05 19:21:33The effort is part of the California city’s broader project to reinvest $120 million from police budgets to support the Black community.